Macbook pro screen replacement

Macbook pro screen replacement

Although the Macbook is a sturdy machine, there are many instances where the Macbook pro screen replacement becomes a necessity. Most people tend to drop their laptops accidently and this can result in breakage of the screen. 

It is advisable that the Macbook pro screen replacement is done by technicians who are certified by Apple to remove the glass and replace it with a new one. The screen can get cracked and damaged, if you place a heavy object on it. This damage to the screen does not result in damage the hard drive and only causes external damage. 

Replacing the screen will make your Macbook look completely new. 

It would be best if you do not attempt the Macbook pro screen replacement on your own if you do not possess the necessary skills. You would end up damaging the laptop further. 

If you do want to attempt Macbook pro screen replacement on your own. You will need to place the Macbook pro on a table face down and start the process of removing the various parts. 

The battery of the Macbook will need to be unlocked to remove it. 

You will then need to remove the LCD bezel. After completing this process, you will need to remove the screws that hold the hinge cover. Remove the hinge after the process is complete. 

There are a total of 12 screws that hold the screen in position and this need to be removed next. A very interesting aspect about your Macbook is that each screw belongs to its unique location and should not be mixed. You should be careful in removing them and place them in a sequence so that they do not get mixed. 

This will help in removing the LCD screen from the bezel. 

There will be metal brackets at the back of the screen and this need to be removed next. After completing this process you will need to remove any cable that is attached to the screen. There is usually a tape that secures the video connector to the screen. You will need to remove the tape. 

You will be able to completely remove the screen from the laptop after completing all these processes. 

It is advisable to use both hands to remove the screen as pulling it with one hand can damage it further. It would be advisable to get a genuine Macbook pro screen as a duplicate screen will not fit properly and you will experience trouble while working. 

Repeat the entire process to complete the Macbook pro screen replacement. All the screws will need to be placed at proper places so that they fit correctly. You will need lot of patience while working on the screen as pulling and tugging at it can damage it further. 

Never attempt to replace the screen while the laptop is switched on. 

Always disconnect the power cord before you start the process of replacing the screen. Seek the assistance of a professional service provider, if you are unsure about doing it on your own.