Macbook Pro Keyboard Replacement

Macbook pro keyboard replacement

One of the most common problems that are faced by users of Macbook is damage to the keyboard. Due to continuous use of the keyboard, there is a possibility that it can be damaged. Macbook pro keyboard replacement should be done if the keys are accidentally broken or there is a spillage resulting in these getting jammed. 

You can choose to replace the entire keyboard with a new one or replace specific keys that are not working. 

Macbook pro keyboard replacement will help in extending the lifetime of the laptop.  

Before you start replacing the keyboard, it would be advisable to switch off the Macbook. 

Determining the model of your Macbook is the first step in finding a replacement. 

Every Macbook model has distinct keys and identifying the correct model will help you in finding the right keys. For instance, if you have an older model, you will need to get keys that are specific to this model. 

The new models have keys that are made of clips under the keys that help in the key been pressed and springing back again. This is known as the scissor mechanism and it enables the keyboard to work in a smooth manner. 

There are various websites that sell Macbook keyboards and this will help you in purchasing genuine products. 

You will find many reliable retailers and this will help you find the right keyboard that matches the model of your Macbook. 

Before you start the process of Macbook pro keyboard replacement, it is advisable to remove the battery. This will help prevent any damage to your Macbook battery. There are various screws that hold the keyboard in place and this need to be removed to gain access to the keyboard easily. Remove the cables that are connected to the keyboard. 

Selecting the keyboard that is compatible with the model number is very important. 

After making the purchase you can try Macbook pro keyboard replacement by placing all the keys and the scissors mechanism in an organized way. This will help you complete the process in a systematic way. 

All the keys can be slowly removed from the keyboard as they are only snapped in place on the Macbook. While removing the keys it is important that the scissor mechanism is not damaged. You can take each individual key and replace the damaged key with a new key. 

You must also ensure that all the keys are aligned properly while fixing them. 

There should not be any gap while fixing these keys in place. You will be able to type in a smooth way only if the keys are aligned in a proper way. 

Buying a Macbook pro keyboard replacement is one of the easiest ways to get a brand new keyboard for your Macbook, if you do not have the necessary skills and time to do the replacement on your own. You can also seek the help of a professional service provider if you are unsure about completing the process on your own.