Macbook Pro Battery

Macbook Pro Battery

The Macbook pro battery life can be increased with just a little bit of care. If you are plugging in for the first time, you will need to charge the battery completely. It is always advisable to choose adaptive charging as it will help in prolonging the life of the battery. 
You can also choose to run the software update and this will ensure that you have the latest software applications for improved performance. This will be needed to improve the performance of the Macbook pro battery

Apple does not recommend the Mac to be plugged in all the time as it will not allow the battery to perform at its optimum capacity. 

It would be best if you charge the battery and then unplug and use it and charge again when the battery is low. This will ensure that the battery works at its best. 

The Macbook pro battery should preferably be replaced by an authorized service center by Apple. This will ensure that only trained professionals will be doing the required repairs. 

There are various ways by which you will be able to enhance the life of the battery and these include reducing the brightness of the screen to the least comfortable levels.

 If you are not using Airport to connect to any network, you can turn it off in the control panel. This will help in saving a lot of power. 

Although Bluetooth is now widely used to connect to other applications, it would be best to switch it off when not in use.

 Apart from this you can also eject CD or DVD that are not in use. All these simple tasks will help in prolonging the Macbook pro battery life. 

If you do not intend to use your Macbook for long, you will need to store the battery at fifty percent charge. The Macbook pro battery should not be stored fully charged when not in use as it can lose capacity over a period of time. Keeping the battery fully discharged when not in use is also a big NO. 

If you leave the battery fully discharged over a long period of time, you might not be able to recharge it again. 

You might have to seek the help of an authorized service center to recharge the battery. 
Calibrating the Macbook pro battery is also a good option to save power and prolong its life. The batteries usually have a one year warranty and if there is any defect in the Mac during this period, it will help you get a replacement. 

Most people have the habit of running multiple applications at the same time and this will drain the battery of its power. 

Using only those applications that are necessary for your work will be an ideal way to save battery life

It is also advisable to keep Macbook pro battery cool as heat can cause it to lose power faster. 

Features that are not needed can also be disabled. All these simple tricks will help gain maximum battery life for your Macbook.