Macbook Battery

Macbook Battery

The macbook battery can be termed the heart of the laptop. You should always choose a battery that lasts longer. It is important to make the right choice as batteries are not cheap and cost a lot of money. Although the batteries can be easily charged, they will start losing power more often when used regularly. 

You should use the battery only when necessary and this will help save power. 

Simple tricks can prolong the life of a macbook battery. It is always advisable to charge the battery before you start using it for the first time. There are various software updates that are available and these need to be updated frequently to improve the life of the battery. 

Did you know that the temperature of the room where you work also determines the life of a macbook battery

It should not be too hot or cold and the room temperature is considered ideal. 

The brightness of the screen also prolongs the life of the battery. 

If you have kept the screen of the macbook in a very bright mode the battery would drain faster.  It would be best to keep the brightness of the screen as less as possible.  You can also use the F5 key on the keyboard to backlight it and save power. 

If Bluetooth is not necessary, you can turn it off and this will help in saving the life of macbook battery. 

Even when you are not using Bluetooth for any purpose, it tends to drain power when kept in the “on” mode. 
Printers, cameras and card readers are some of the peripherals that are usually attached to the macbook. If you want to extend the power of the battery, you will need to remove them when not in use. 

There are also “energy saver preferences” that is available on the Macbook desktop and these can be enabled to save power.

 Depending on the usage preference of the individual, choose “computer sleep” and “display sleep” to the lowest possible time. 

If you are not using a particular application, it would be advisable to close it to save power on the macbook battery. If you have CD or DVD inside the macbook that are not used, it would be best to remove them. 

Calibrate the battery at least once every month to extend the life of the battery.

 The process of calibrating the battery is very easy. You will need to charge the macbook battery completely and this will make the LED light appear green. After the battery is totally charged, you will need to keep it plugged in for an additional two hours. 

After completing this process unplug the macbook and keep using it till the battery completely drains out and it goes to sleep.

 Keep the macbook without charging it for at least 10 – 12 hours. After resting it for some period, you can start recharging it again till it is completely charged. This will complete the process of calibrating the macbook battery