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Prosoft Engineering has made a fine Mac backup software program. What the program lacks in polish, it makes up for with lightening fast syncing. 

Data Backup 3 is a powerful utility that allows you to backup, 
restore and synchronize your valuable data with minimal effort. 

Whether you are a new computer user or a seasoned professional, 
Data Backup 3 offers you just the right amount of power, 
flexibility and ease-of-use to help you protect your files fast.

Data Backup 3

Awards Winning Mac Backup software - 
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Backup Features:

Data Backup packs a punch with all the features it manages to cram into its tiny frame. Start with the quick drop down menu; it comes preloaded with a handful of typical settings. These are great for getting your data safe from the get-go before you experiment with all the parameters. Once you know what you need for your system, you can easily exchange and alter these presets with your own settings, creating a quick list for all your sync needs. As you alter and play with the settings available, the program will prompt you about saving each setting profile before you switch to another, making sure you don’t loose that blessed setting that works exactly how you want it to for your system with this Mac backup software.

Below the action bar is a running log screen that outlines the parameters you’ve set up with the program allowing you to double-check everything before hitting the start button. This is a handy feature that can save you tons of time before you start a large sync between volumes. As you move further down the program you can establish file filters and pre/post-scripting via the side tabs. Switching the action type and the destination type will alter the bottom half of the screen allowing you to alter the parameters such as sources and destinations. They also include a handful of options such as password encryption via checkable boxes depending on what backup you choose. These are important features that can easily be overlooked in Mac backup software, so make sure you take an extra minute to scope everything out.


  • No complicated setup - built-in backup sets to quickly backup your iTunes or iPhoto files, other important data or your entire system.
  • Custom create your own backup sets. Just drag and drop.
  • "Fast Start" feature preselects the files to be backed up, saving you time (requires OS X 10.4+).


  • Go "back in time" and see your files and directories, as they were when your backups happened.
  • Schedule your backups to automatically run at a specific time, on a recurring basis or when a drive is connected.
  • Have your Mac automatically wake from sleep to execute scheduled backups.
  • Create a bootable clone of your hard drive.
  • Choose to compress and/or password protect your backups.


  • Backup to any mounted drive including FireWire, USB, ATA, or networked drives.
  • Backup to CD/DVD disks automatically span on multiple disks.
  • Creates an exact copy of a folder or a drive, including bootable OS X backups.
  • Synchronize folders - perfect if you use more than one computer.

Basic Operations

  • Backup - simply drag your files and folders into Data Backup and select a destination drive and go!
  • Restore - select the files and folders you want to restore, just like backup, but reverse the to and from folders.
  • You can backup to or restore from any mounted drive including CD, DVD, ATA, SCSI, FireWire, USB, or networked volumes.

Advanced Operations

  • Bootable Backups - Clone your bootable drive to make a completely bootable backup. Be up and running quickly if your main drive crashes
  • Schedules - automatically run any Data Backup task on a specific days, dates or other recurring basis
  • File Exceptions - specify files that are to never be backed up (such as system files or applications)
  • Versioned Backup - creates an exact copy of a folder or a disk, and also saves older versions of the data to provide an evolution of the backed-up data
  • Incremental Backup - copies all files that have been modified since the last backup.


  • Synchronization - makes two folders identical by copying missing files and replacing older files with newer files
  • Compression - backup and restore can automatically compress your data, or you can compress data on your computer to save hard drive space.
Data Backup 3

Awards Winning Mac Backup software - 
Click here to Buy Data Backup 3

Awards & Reviews Mac

Mac Observer Geek Gab - March 2012

"MGG 388: Backup Strategies & Cool Stuff Found." - Dave Hamilton & John Braun

Consumer's Digest - April 2011

Security Solutions

"This latest version of Prosoft's software is easier to use and more customizable than are other Mac backup software options. Unlike others, this software allows you to automatically backup individual files."

MacTECH - February 2011

Data Backup 3 -- The Next Step Up From Time Machine

"Another nice touch is the ability to choose between versioned and incremental back-ups. The creates an exact copy of a folder or a disk, and also saves older versions of the data to provide an evolution of the backed-up data. The latter copies all files that have been modified since the last backup.Data Backup 3 can also schedule, compress and encrypt your backups. You can't do any of this with Time Machine."