FREE DNSChanger Diagnostic - Is your computer infected with DNSChanger ?

posted 8 Jul 2012, 06:45 by David Kang
DNSChanger is malicious software (malware) that may have been installed on your computer without your knowledge.
Approximately 10,000 Australian internet users are currently infected with this malware.

If your computer is infected you need to remove it. If you don’t remove it by 9 July 2012, you won’t be able to connect to the internet.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority, CERTAustralia and the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy have collaborated to develop a diagnostic website that, in most cases, shows you whether or not you are infected with DNSChanger. This website is It only takes a second to check.

Please Visit 

If you are infected, provides links to tools and detailed documentation that may help you remove the infection.

Additional information about DNSChanger is provided at the website, including an explanation of how DNSChanger will affect your ability to access the internet.